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In-Flight Meals 


Indulge in the epitome of luxury and simplicity with our exclusive in-flight dining service tailored for discerning private aviation travelers. Elevate your journey as our skilled private chefs craft exquisite, personalized meals designed to surpass your culinary expectations. Whether you crave a gourmet feast or a curated selection of your favorite dishes, we ensure a quick and seamless dining experience, enhancing the joy of your private travel. Savor the finest cuisine, meticulously prepared just for you, as we redefine the art of culinary excellence at cruising altitude.



Customized Menus & Personalized Shopping


Dietary Accommodations - Organic, Vegan, Etc.


Heating & serving instruction for crew


Now servicing x4 Local Private Airports

In-Flight Meal Option Examples 


Grand Canyon Custom Summer Meal

* Homemade New England Clam Chowder (OTY) x 2

* Pear & Arugula Salad w/ Sliced Chicken Breast, Meyer Lemon Dressing (OTY) x 2

* Greek Salad w/ Sliced Organic Chicken Breast (OTY) x 1


* Assorted Cookies & Brownies (OTY) x 4


Grand Canyon Aviation Fresh Bites

* Breakfast Burritos, Egg, Bacon, Potato, Cheese  (OTY) x 4

* Caesar Salad w/ Sliced Filet Mignon (OTY) x 2

* Southwest Salad w/ Chicken Dressing o/s (OTY) x 2


Grand Canyon Aviation Summer Hand Select Menu

* Charcuterie Board w/ Cured Meats- Prosciutto, Spanish Chorizo, Pancetta, Peppered Salami, Toast Points, Spanish Olives, Marcona Almonds, Honeycomb, Pickled Vegetables (OTY) x4

* Charred Andouille Sausage w/ Herbed Meyer Lemon Orzo Pasta w/ Ragu Roasted VegetablesFennel/ Zucchini/ Heirloom Tomatoes/ Radicchio (OTY) x4

*Organic Wild Arugula w/ Sedona Grilled Apples & Triple Cream Brie, Marcona Almonds w/ Tangerine & Raw Honey Vinaigrette (OTY) x4

* 2012 Dom Perignon (OTY) x2 w/ 4 Champagne Glasses


Flagstaff/ KFLG Wiseman Aviation Crews Fresh Selection

* Deli Sandwich Tray and Wrap Display(OTY) x 4

* Fresh Fruit Display (OTY) x 4

* Crew Breakfast Chef's Choice (OTY) x 3

* Crew Lunch Chef’s Choice (OTY) x 3


Sedona On The Rocks Red Rock Aviation Selection

* Bacon & Egg Croissant Sandwich  (OTY) x 3

* Assorted Pastries   (OTY) x 3

* Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (OTY) x 3

* Crew Meals Spring Mix Salads w/ Chicken, Cucumber, Tomato, Greek Feta, Vinaigrette o/s


Flagstaff/ KFLG Wiseman Aviation Dark Fall Fall Rotating Menu

*Spinach, Brie, & Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breast w/ Garlic & Herb Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes, Sauteed Green Beans, Heirloom Carrots, & Grilled Asparagus (OTY) x2

*Brown Butter & Sage Gnocchi w/ Marsala Pan Seared Wagyu Meatballs and Button  (OTY) x1


*Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon ( Chef Choice) x1


air fare at it's best!

The highest quality ingredients and exceptional eats! 

Chef Nate prepared an absolutely fabulous - local, fresh, beautiful, and delicious - meal for our Private Jet  dinner.  He went above and beyond to ensure special food restrictions were accommodated (despite last minute changes from us), and we had a thoroughly delightful evening.  Everything was perfect, and I highly recommend him!!

Ali Fenn

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